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8 Situations To Stop Being Embarrassed About

Most of us (well, most likely all of us) have been in a situation we deem embarrassing. Our cheeks turn red and…

Please, can I go home now?

But why? Why do we feel embarrassed in these situations? It happens to damn near everyone! There’s absolutely no reason to let yourself be affected by these situations. Don’t let them ruin your day.

I’ve compiled a short list of situations that it’s time to stop being embarrassed about. Have any of these happened to you?

  1. Food in Your Teeth (or telling someone!) - We mostly eat three meals daily, plus snacks. Broccoli, anyone? Our chompers are putting in good work. It’s only natural that something gets stuck. Just remove it, help guide your companion where it is, and keep chomping.

  2. Your zipper is down (and again, telling someone.) - Pants aren’t always reliable. We may simply forget to pull up our zipper, or it may slide down as we walk from place to place. Someone tells you that your zipper is down. “Hey, thanks!” Zip it up and move on.

  3. Making mistakes. - You made a typo in a report. You showed up at the wrong baseball field. Your dinner reservations are actually for a different night. WE’RE HUMAN! Mistakes are meant to be made so we can learn from them. Take them as life lessons and remember them the next time.

  4. Falling. - Whoops! People fall all of the time! Unseen bumps on the sidewalk, tripping over your shoes. Eh, it happens. Laugh it off (or at least make sure the person is alright before laughing).

  5. Sweating, Burping, Farting. - Some people are even embarrassed by the words! Whether you sweat a little or a lot, who cares? Your body is getting rid of the heat it doesn’t need. It’s your way of staying cool. As for passing gasses, our human body does it every day. We may do it behind closed doors most of the time, but if it slips, it slips! There’s nothing shameful about it.

  6. Not having all the answers. - We think in our industries or as parents that we should have all the answers. When we don’t, we get embarrassed and may think we are satisfied. Not true! We aren’t computers. We learn and grow as we go. Simply admit that you aren’t sure, but you’d love to research it!

  7. Forgetting someone’s name. - How many people have you met in your life? Probably hundreds to thousands. Where were you introduced? Was it at a party where you met several people? A networking event? Did you know them 10 years ago? Forgetting a name happens, no matter our age. “Can you refresh my memory of your name? I’m having a memory block.” and move on through the night.

  8. Your culture or traditions. - Some are embarrassed by admitting their traditions, maybe through the practice itself or outdated stereotypes. Never be ashamed or embarrassed about where you come from. Though it may be different, many are interested in the practices and would love to learn about them.

Embarrassment is a natural feeling, but most of the time, it’s completely unnecessary. Turn it into a laugh!

What’s something you’ve been embarrassed about that happened to you? How did you handle that situation, then? How would you handle it now?

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Today, what’s one way you can take care of yourself? Focus on self-care for YOU. Tell me what that is in the comments!

Light & Love

Dr. Chelsea


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