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 Hey friend!
I am Dr. Chelsea

I love desserts, mindfulness, and having random dance parties for no reason.

I am also the Chief Joy Creator around here, and I love helping people create a life filled with less stress and anxiety to build a rewarding and happy life (using my proven Joy Method™️)

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I Believe...

"We are equipped with everything we need in life, learning to tap into it is our greatest life accomplishment."

Concrete Wall

The short version of a long story...

I am the founder here at My Ohm Wellness, hosting the acclaimed podcast Divine Centered Meditations.


I am a Self-Care Coach, Somatic Practitioner, and Well-being Consultant specializing in spirit-mind-body practices to increase fulfillment, happiness, and life success. While attaining my Ph.D. in counseling, I completed extensive research on trauma and its impact on women. I realized that we are all looking for the same things: happiness, abundance, peace, and connection—how we get there is what life's journey is all about!


I am passionate about helping women manage negative stressors and anxiety symptoms so they can have the life they always wanted at home and work---a life that brings them happiness and joy! 


In addition, I am an RYT200 Yoga & Meditation Instructor who brings humility, compassion, wisdom, and spiritual awareness into every space I am called. 


As a successful entrepreneur, consultant, and leader, my meditation and yoga journey began nearly 15 years ago when I was diagnosed with Lupus. It was then that faith brought me to my mat and deepened my relationship with the Divine.


As a result, I gradually improved my overall well-being through a consistent wellness program of spirituality, meditation, yoga, a healthy diet, and environmental changes. At the center of all these things was love--the love of friends and family, colleagues, self-acceptance and healing, and most importantly, the love of the Divine. 


I firmly believe that our journey in life is never a singular endeavor; each of us is intertwined in the tapestry of life- a life where the Divine's wisdom and love are always present.


Therefore, we must simply be still enough to listen to invite the energy of peace and the power of calm into our lives. 

... and I've learned a lot of lessons

Many more than once. So, I thought I might share some of my biggest ones with you (so you can get them for yourself)

Create Happiness & Joy at Work and Home


Happy work-lives start at home. So, no matter what's going on, make time for yourself, and create systems and strategies at work and home to promote your overall well-being. Remember, "you take you everywhere you go." 

So now, with the latest research, and personal and professional experience, I offer corporate and executive women the tools and habits that lead to a life they really want

Mo' Money Mo' Problems


Making more money solved your money problem, not your happiness problem. More money creates more stress and pressure unless you have learned the necessary skills to enjoy life and excel professionally.

Pivot in the Corners


It's okay to change directions, even when things appear to be going well. Sometimes, you must remind yourself that happiness is not in what you do but in whom you choose to become. When you change your mindset, you must pivot your actions in the same direction; it is the only way to grow.

Share Your Light for Others to Heal


Never be satisfied with just changing your life. Share what you know without being pushy or a know-it-all. Then, when others want to know more, they'll ask.


And people asked me, So I started coaching individuals who wanted to discover their own brand of happiness. So now, I offer customized 1:1 coaching, courses, and a community assisting women with tapping into their power to unleash their own version of happiness, peace, and joy.

Take the Leap to Start Your Journey Today for Free

Follow these steps below to get started!

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The Clarity Call

Reignite Your Life--- Spirit, Mind, Body

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