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At My OHM, our mission is to create a culture of well-being that empowers people to create their happy--at home, at work, and in their communities.

 The Details

We do well-being for all the right reasons. As a woman-led organization that believes in working smart, having high standards, and having a whole lot of fun, we create a culture of mental, physical, and emotional solutions for each of our clients. Then, we deliver tailor-made strategies that build a culture of health, enabling clients to make meaningful changes.

Our team is passionate about working with every client to strategize the best way to reach their specific goals and draw the connection between overall happiness, lower stress and anxiety symptoms leading to a more fulfilling life, and higher engagement and connection with their work.

We genuinely care about the individuals and organizations who use our programs and invest in our products. 

When you peel the layers back, getting to the root purpose for an individual wanting to make positive behavior changes, this is where long-term results occur. It is where we feel empowered and find life's passion, purpose, and fulfillment.

Our name, 'My Ohm,' signifies the transformation when you own your life and use your energy to pursue well-being in all its forms. We have been committed to empowering people with purposeful care and connection for over 20 years. As a trusted partner to hundreds of clients, we stand by our promise to create solutions enabling you to discover your happy--living the life you truly love

Let us help you find your "ohm."

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