Who We Are


My Ohm Wellness started with our founder Dr. Chelsea, as a hope and promise to provide people across the globe with accessible wellness tools to create a life filled with joy and happiness, less stress and anxious symptoms.

Dr. Chelsea experienced years of limited mobility and significant pain as a lupus survivor. However, it was only through a consistent wellness program of spirituality, meditation, yoga, diet, and environmental changes that she was able to improve her overall well-being slowly, find joy and live a life she loves.

Now she wants to share what she has learned with everyone through her customized 1:1 signature coaching program, The Joyful Woman VIP Program, and group mindfulness and meditation program, Chara Meditation & Mindfulness Community.

Dr. Chelsea and the My Ohm team seek to inspire and empower one person at a time.

Image by Eric Dekker


The strategies Dr. Chelsea has shared with me have changed my life! I haven't had an anxiety attack in months

The last 4 months have changed my life! I feel better than I have for a long time. I feel so much more confident that I can do things on my own and don't have to be afraid anymore.
Thank you!

This is the first time I have ever felt listened to and heard. Dr. Chelsea made me feel like I mattered. She told me that I was important, and so were my feelings and thoughts. That made a huge difference for me. Because now I believe it too.