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End the Overwhelm 
Live the Life You Really Want

reignite you spirit. reignite your mind. reignite your body.

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My Ohm Wellness is a


committed to reconnecting female clinicians, caregivers, healers, and holistic practitioners to what matters most in their lives using our proven strategies, teachings, and a community of women doing life differently.  

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You've done all the things... 

✔️ Clients
✔️ Consulted Friends & Family
✔️Community Connections

You are helping people and changing everyone else's life.

But What About You?

You're feeling like...
  • You don't have enough time

  • You just want to be able to enjoy at least 20 minutes of peace without running through your to-do list in your head

  • You are always doing something for someone else, and you are the last priority on your list

  •  You feel like 'stressed' is your middle name

There  Is Another Way

Something uniquely designed just for you.

A way for you to give your best to your clients and not lose you in the process

A way for you to be fulfilled and cared for

A way for you to finally take a deep breath and not fear you've dropped another ball

Something that invites you to truly live the life YOU thrive in

A way that connects Divine wisdom with soma and science


A way that honors who you are called to be with your life responsibilities


We see you


We understand you


We get you because...

We Are You

After working with Dr. Chelsea, I now know I don't have to compromise to be accepted, admired, or loved. I don't have to have it all figured out. Her love and support gives me the courage to go after new dreams, set goals for my life and career, and build my faith.

AJ boosted her self-esteem and confidence

From our first conversation, I was at ease. As someone in the psychiatric field, I know what to do and even the skills, but to have someone walk me through my own journey and help me equip myself with the skills I need to be more successful at work and with my patients is extraordinary!

Karlene began to practice what she taught

As a corporate executive, stress and success are synonymous. After one month of working with Dr. Chelsea, my blood pressure was down. I started working out and made time for a hobby! And most importantly, I now have time for my family! I highly recommend Dr. Chelsea for Executive Coaching.

Georgia reduced her stress, became a better leader

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Illuminate Your Passions 

Empower Your Dreams

Awaken the Possibilities

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the 60-Day Self-Care Reset Course

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Reignite Your Life--- Spirit, Mind, Body

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