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Coaching Works Because It's All About You

Dr. Chelsea helps you create the life you really want, one step at a time. Through our Signature Joyful VIP Coaching Program, you will be empowered with the skills to let go of what others think, identify your own limiting beliefs, implement solutions to eliminate harmful stress and anxiety in your life, prioritize your needs and discover how to lead a happy and joy-filled life one day at a time.


Create the extraordinary life you want and deserve today!

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The Joyful Woman VIP Spiritual Coaching Program

Connecting Mind & Spirit to Joy

Our Joyful Woman VIP Spiritual Coaching Program integrates spiritual and human growth principles to assist you in achieving your goals of reducing stress and anxious thoughts. Each session is designed to meet you wherever you are in your spiritual journey and assist you in attaining the fulfilling life you really want. 

Please Note: Religion is Not Required or Encouraged

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The Joyful Woman VIP Coaching Program

Customized Solutions to Improve Your Well-being & Life

Our six-month Joyful Woman VIP Coaching Program is uniquely designed to reduce stress and anxiety through customized, sustainable solutions and 1:1 support that fits into your busy, demanding life so you can stop searching for quick fixes and start feeling rejuvenated, calm, and empowered to live a life you really want.

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Joyful Woman VIP Day

Walk Away with Immediate Solutions Leading You to the Life You Really Want

In our Joyful Woman VIP Day, you will walk away with key takeaways about what’s stopping you from experiencing the joy and happiness in your life you really want. During this call, you will create a personalized roadmap that will lead to feeling joy today with long-term results. Gain a clear understanding of your personalized anxiety model and how you’ll implement it, complete with the operational tools you’ll need to get started. 

Begin your customized coaching journey today with Dr. Chelsea, helping you go beyond quick fixes and solutions to manage stress, reduce anxiety and sleeplessness, and rediscover how to live a life you're passionate about and enjoy in our renowned VIP session. This session will help you end the continuous cycle of stress and anxiety.

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The Self-Care Strategy Call

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We will talk about what matters to you in your free Self-Care Strategy Call. Trust me, I know! The joy struggle is real - so tell me what’s up and what’s been happening with you that is feeling challenging in life right now. Then, I’ll identify what customized solutions would streamline your path to joy and a more fulfilling life. Ensure you walk away with at least one solution you can implement now to get started ASAP on creating the stress-less life and fulfillment you desire.

Take the Leap to Start Your Self-Care Journey Today for Free

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The Self-Care Strategy Call
My Ohm Wellness provides holistic health and wellness coaching services that integrate the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of well-being. When you work with us, you'll get an individualized strategy call with one of our experienced coaches to help you create a customized roadmap to reach your goals.

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