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So the other day, I was watching one of these entertainment shows, and they revealed some scandalous detail about a celebrity who will remain nameless.

This got me thinking about what shocking facts people would be surprised to know about me??

Admittedly I am not a celebrity or even pretend to be, and like you, when I walk into a room, people make assumptions about who I am, my life, and my character. However, research tells us that it takes 8 seconds for people to make a decision about us before we even open our mouths! Can you believe that??? 8 seconds!

And what that means for you and I when we are having a bad day and still have to do a show and be present, whether it’s meeting the CEO or our organization, going on a job interview, or entertaining our in-laws unexpectedly, feels like an impossible standard to live up to. However, instead of this terrifying us (definitely used to terrify me!) and taking a negative perspective, I am beginning to embrace these 8 seconds as a way to connect with others–even on my bad days— (hello to my fellow introverts) and finally let go of the burdens of other people’s expectations.

Letting go is not something that happens overnight; it is a shift in our thinking, self-talk, and self-perception. It is dismantling All the Lies we Tell Ourselves consistently with help and assistance from a strong support network.

So, in letting go, we need to learn that imperfection is normal. It’s realistic! Ready for the shocking facts about me?

  1. I eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sometimes, and it's really freakin good!

  2. I am incredibly introverted and find it challenging to speak to people in large groups (no, for real), I must push through my fears every time I am in a large group and the best way I have found for me to do this is with a smile (and yes, you can smile with your eyes if you have a mask on).

  3. My walk-in closet is a total disaster almost all the time–like tornado level and I have decided leaving room for disorder reminds me perfection is a myth and finding what you need most in clutter is totally underrated.

  4. I am waayyy older than I look (thank God).

  5. I am a plant junkie. I cannot enter ANY store without buying a plant. I even convinced the West Elm staff to sell me one when I purchased pillows!

  6. I will pull clothes out of the hamper and wear them when my favorite outfit is dirty.

  7. I hoard sticky notes–yes, I have containers filled with this notes I made for myself (inspirational quotes, etc.) over the years, and yes, I actually do go back and look through them (please don’t tell anyone).

  8. I used to curse like a sailor–well…maybe this one isn’t so shocking. Cause every now and then. The sailor seems to be back for a visit ;)

DEEPER CONNECTION: We’re only 5 days away from my birthday! Join me tomorrow, Aug 10, 2022 at Clubhouse in my club ‘Find Your Happy’, where we’ll talk about another giveaway!

Want to talk more?? Click here, and we can talk about happiness, stress, and honestly, anything you need to get off your chest. I’m serious. Come talk with me.

In the comments below, I want to see ONE shocking fact about YOU! Let your imperfections shine!

✨Light & Love

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