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It's Me Again!

So, I was thinking… Yes, I do that sometimes (haha).. what would you like to know about what we do at My Ohm Wellness??? And the questions that came back to me, well…

*Warning this post is filled with lots of hyperlinks to make it easy for you!!!*

Let’s start with me.

I am a not-so-tall, nerdy southern girl who loves desserts (and junk tv) way more than I should. And I curse…but only when damn necessary! *wink*

I have been helping people rediscover joy and design the life they love for over 20 years. I was crazy enough to get my Ph.D. when I was in my 40s because I really wanted to have the best tools to support you in your happiness journey.

I’m also a mental health professional and certified Happiness & Wellness Coach, RYT200 Yoga Teacher with a passion for helping people find joy, relieve negative stressors, and reduce anxiety.

I’ve been a mental health professional and coach for a long time—yes, I am much older than I look-(at least we will pretend I look radiantly young) -- who began my own joy journey after living a life filled with way too much stress and anxiety.

And through my journey, I developed a superpower in helping other women cut through the crap and tame that negative voice that tells me ‘you’re not good enough’. Instead, I help them discover, or rediscover, themselves by learning to reduce stress and the symptoms of anxiety (such as not sleeping at night or binge eating) so that they can develop lives that they both love and enjoy.

Using my own tried and BS-free systems that really freakin’ work starts with a free Happiness Strategy Call with yours truly. Here’s what you can expect on our call:

  • The joy struggle is real - tell me what’s up and what’s been happening with you that is feeling challenging in life right now

  • I’ll identify what customized solutions would streamline your path to joy and happiness

  • Ensure you walk away with at least one solution you can implement now so that you can get started ASAP on creating the stress-less life and fulfillment you desire

Two hot tips to get you started on your journey right now:

I’ve got an awesome LIVE webinar…yes me in person, well… on Zoom…lol. The webinar is titled 12 Steps from Crazy:Your Roadmap to Joy, Happiness, and Connection. In this masterclass, you will:

  • Discover solutions to reduce the feeling of overwhelm and “crazy”

  • Explore what it takes to break the "stress cycle."

  • Learn effective practical strategies to handle life's "surprises" without them stealing your joy.

I’ve got an epic podcast called Divine Centered Meditations, which has weekly episodes sharing things that actually work to help you cope with stress, get sleep, deal with the demands at work and reduce feelings of anxiety, in better and more manageable ways, with a ton more joy. So definitely check that out!

And if you are in a 9-5, then you’re definitely going to want to connect with me over on LinkedIn to learn insights and tidbits to find joy, stay present and focused when you’re on your work grind so that you can reduce stress and have more of the results you really want in your day.

I create and design customized coaching programs because no one wants to go through life working harder and becoming more unhappy! (HARD PASS!)

So that’s me and a little bit about what we offer over here at My Ohm. Now over to you!

Sign up for our upcoming free live webinar: 12 Steps from Crazy: Your Roadmap to Joy, Happiness and Connection to begin your journey of transformation.

Book your free Happiness Strategy Call to get started on your path to creating the joy-filled life you deserve!

Until next time!

✨ Light & Love

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