• Dr. Chelsea

Hello My Ohm

Welcome to My Ohm!

I am Chelsea, the founder of My Ohm and I am so excited that you are here!!

Our journey as a company has been a long time coming. My Ohm was just a whisper in my heart that I didn't even know existed until it was awakened by two seemingly unrelated events in my life.

What are they, you may ask?

One was when my business partner decided to develop a home and wellness brand called Eat & Ohm. Eat & Ohm, LLC promotes nutritional foods and beautifully designed organic products for the body, and home. When she told me about her new business venture, something on the inside of me lept. Her philosophy resonated with my soul, but a little piece of fear hit me so I just let the feeling sit.

Two, I had been practicing yoga for nearly 12 years, and during the 2020 pandemic, my time on my was my saving grace. Then one day, scrolling IG and an ad for online yoga teacher training popped up from Black Prana Magazine. I paused, went to the website, and my interest was peaked. However, this was April 2020, right after the pandemic hit, and I didn't want to make any long-term commitments. Two months later, I took the plunge, intending only to but deepen my personal practice by going through teacher training, little did I realize I would be teaching a few months later!

So, what happened??? How did I get here??? All I can say is a vision was laid before me,, and I chose to follow it.


Obviously, there is so much more to the stay tuned as we get to know each other and connect as a family. 😊

Welcome to the Ohm Fam!

Peace and Blessing

~Dr. Chelsea

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