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Welcome to Happy!

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Expectation vs. Reality

Have you ever built up experiences, a person, or a situation in your mind so much so that when you have the experience, meet the person...


So the other day, I was watching one of these entertainment shows, and they revealed some scandalous detail about a celebrity who will...

Multi-Tasking Is a Lie

So, I have a confession to make, I use to lie all the time, especially to myself. Yup, I told myself I could get it all done and do it...

It's Me Again!

So, I was thinking… Yes, I do that sometimes (haha).. what would you like to know about what we do at My Ohm Wellness??? And the...


Hey there, I’m Dr. Chelsea! I thought I’d drop in and share a little about myself as we prepare for our new launch here at My Ohm...

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